High-end Talents to Give European Storytelling a Boost

Sunklo ry on järjestämässä yhdessä muiden Pohjoismaisten liittojen kanssa EU:n rahoittamaa ideahautomoa. Ensimmäisen haun deadline 12.8.!
FONTAINEBLEAU, France, June 30, 2022 — On behalf of Vision Denmark and the Galician Agency of Cultural Industries, Thomas Gammeltoft, together with Simone Emmelius/ZDF, Jacobo Sutil/ The Galician Agency of Cultural Industries AGADIC, Angelica Cantisani/Torino Series Lab and Tony Grisoni/creator announce today at Séries Séries the launch of the European Writers Club, a partnership between Europe’s experienced TV series writers, broadcasters, public and private, and independent producers aimed at boosting European storytelling across borders.
The EWC, to be led by Gammeltoft, has received support from the European Union under its Writing European initiative. The project is a way to showcase the continent’s diverse talent while collaborating on new ideas for TV series to be shared across countries.
“Europe has some of the greatest talents in writing, creating and producing TV series,” Gammeltoft said. “It also has a vast network of broadcasters known for their curated programming. By working together to build a network of like minded creators, our aim is to uplift, promote and unite our talents while reaching a broad audience.”
Over the next year in this pilot programme, the EWC will host two sessions in four partner countries aimed at sparking ideas and collaboration between top-tier talents in the entertainment industry. Writers, broadcasters, and producers from different European nationalities are invited to apply to participate in these unique sessions.
Boosting Ideas Session, led by Le Groupe Ouest and taking place in two one-week camps in Copenhagen, Denmark (Oct. 23-28) and Tallinn, Estonia (Dec. 5-10), draws upon the group’s methodology of pre-writing, in which participants collaborate in brainstorming sessions designed to spark creativity before pen is put to paper.
Boosting Concepts Session, led by the Torino Series Lab and taking place in two one-week camps in Dublin, Ireland (April 11-16, 2023) and Galicia, Spain (May 30-June 5, 2023), takes a collaborative approach to bringing concepts to life. Here, the creators of six concepts, together with their independent producer, will meet with writers from other countries and subject-matter experts in their concept to bring the idea closer to fruition for a larger European audience.
All participating writers and creators will be paid. The call for writers is now open on the EWC website: https://www.europeanwriters.club/apply
In parallel to the sessions designed for writers, EWC is introducing a new concept, Boosting Broadcasters, a special session within the seminars. Here, broadcasters, public and private as well as local platforms, will meet each other, discuss trends, exchange working methods and get to know each other in an informal setting in order to create future cross-network collaborations.
In addition to the initial seminar series, the EWC will also curate “open doors” masterclasses and local events, and act as an industry platform and think tank for ideas between members within the selective network of AV industry professionals.
“The EWC is all about finding new ways of creating stories. We have our broadcasters to ensure these series reach the largest audience – but only if we work together,” Gammeltoft said. “The EWC will encourage great storytelling from a unified, European front. Our goal is to grow collaboration between creators at the top of their fields: Let’s create stories together.”
EWC is supported by Screen Ireland, AGADIC/Spain, Estonian Film Institute, Vision Denmark, The National Film School of Denmark, The Danish Film Institute, the Nordic writers Associations, The Nordic Film and TV Fund, TV2/Denmark. Other important institutions are still in the process of defining their commitment to EWC and we will update on those developments on our website.
The project has already selected its advisory board, gathering representatives from the three different sectors: Katrine Vogelsang (TV2, Denmark), Simone Emmelius (ZDF, Germany), Nikolaj Scherfig (author, Denmark), Virginia Yagüe (author, Spain), Ivar Køhn (Rubicon, Norway), Femke Wotling (Submarine, Netherlands) For more information, visit http://www.europeanwriters.club/