European screenwriters support their striking colleagues in America

Press release – November 8, 2007

The board of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE) pledges support to colleagues in the Writers Guild of America who are now on strike.

FSE has called on all its members and all European writers to refuse to break the strike by filling in for US writers in dispute. FSE President Christina Kallas stated in a letter of support to Patrick Verrone of the WGAW and Michael Winship of the WGAE:

"The FSE will be distributing information about the strike to our twenty two member guilds in eighteen European countries and asking them to do everything they can to support the WGA strike.... Your fight is our fight."

On Wednesday 30 October the US Film studios and TV networks, represented by the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) rejected all talk of further negotiations leaving the two unions no other option but to recommend to their members to strike. The TV networks and film studios refused to consider any revision on the existing DVD deal, which pays the writer the peanuts sum of 4 cents on each $15 DVD, and would extend the same minimal terms to internet downloads and mobile phone viewing.

European screenwriters view the position of the AMPTP as unjust and totally unacceptable. The FSE board calls on all writers organisations but also other creators’ organisations to send messages of support to the American guilds and to ensure that none of their screenwriter members undermines the strike by sending in scripts or carrying out any kind of strikebreaking activity.

For further information please contact the FSE office in Brussels and check the websites of the WGAW and WGAE: